Top Airbnbs In The United States With Uninterrupted Views

Residence with a view? Make reservations for one of these breathtaking Airbnb glasshouses.

I love nature. Do you realize? the natural world and animals. Although it’s large, lovely, and messy, it aids in our reconnection to the earth and allows us to escape the stresses of modern life. Even though there are plenty of bugs, mud, and gross squelchy things there, there is a way to avoid them all. Enter the Airbnb glasshouse.

These architectural wonders are frequently remote and distinctive, allowing us to enjoy the outdoors without actually being outdoors. Put the bug spray away and plan a few nights in a glass Airbnb for your upcoming cross-country road trip; it will be like camping, only better. We advise booking a stay at one of the top glasshouse Airbnbs available in the USA. Just refrain from throwing any rocks, please.

Who is selected? Even though we may not have actually stayed in every Airbnb listed, we’ve based our list on the best reviews, hosts, and amenities to bring you the best places to stay. There are affiliate links in this article. These links have no bearing on the editorial content of our site. See our affiliate policies for more details. 

The best Airbnbs in glasshouses in the U.S.

The outdoor bed in Hondo

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

1. Hondo’s outdoor bed

It doesn’t get more literal than this to sleep under the stars. The catch is that this unforgettable glasshouse allows you to lose yourself in the wonder of the night sky while snuggling up in a rather lovely double bed rather than enjoying nature while dealing with a few rocks digging into your collarbone as you lay your sleeping bag down. You can either sleep behind the only kind of closed door that will still allow you to see the scenery from the comfort of your own pillow or wheel it out onto the patio for the full en plein air experience.

Rooms? Only one room. sleeping two people.
The tempo? Cosy-lux. 
location advantages? Enjoy tranquility and peace on a 72-acre ranch.
range of prices? a reasonably priced romantic getaway.

The sunset haven in Telluride

Thanks to: Airbnb

2. Telluride’s Sunset Haven

One of the most majestic glasshouses we’ve ever seen is the Luxe Airbnb in Colorado. This stunning home, with panoramic views of its own pond and beyond and six opulent bedrooms and 8.5 bathrooms, is regarded as a mid-century masterpiece by its devoted owners. The kids could even spend the night in the tub in their new fort. This glasshouse has wraparound floor-to-ceiling windows, a fully functional kitchen with a breakfast bar, wine fridges, wet bars, home theaters, and game rooms for the main event. Whatever you want, it has it. Why are you holding out?

six bedrooms, total. sleeps 14 people.
The tempo? an insanely beautiful glass palace. 
location advantages? a waterfront location with stunning San Juan Mountain views.
range of prices? Ideal for reservations by large groups is a luxurious retreat.

The eco cabin in Utah

Thanks to: Airbnb

3. Utah’s Green Cabin

The views simply don’t appear to be realistic. You can enjoy breathtaking views of the Zion Mountains from this extraordinary glasshouse Airbnb in Utah, which will make you feel completely removed from the outside world. The A-Frame cabin has retractable doors and glass walls for unobstructed views, allowing you to stay in bed and gaze directly out at the scenery. The studio cabin comes with a mini-fridge, a private bathroom, an outdoor kitchen with a propane grill, and basic cooking supplies (salt, pepper, and oil). a distinct approach to camping. Leaving that viewpoint will be challenging. 

Rooms? Only one room. sleeping two people.
The tempo? tucked away in the Canyons. 
location advantages? The stunning open-air design ensures never-ending views of the setting sun.
range of prices? An exclusive getaway for two. 
Time Out advice: To get the best view of your surroundings, get up at sunrise.

The desert oasis in Pioneertown

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

4. Pioneertown’s oasis in the desert

This well-known rental home is completely off the grid. That means there is no TV or quick WiFi, and the energy and hot water are generated by solar panels. Once you see the view, you won’t miss either of those, we assure you. The Airbnb can accommodate four guests in two bedrooms, making it a great place for you and your friends to disconnect from technology and get to know one another better. Bring your family along if you dare, and see if you can avoid fighting for at least one night. While staying here, you’ll feel luxurious and fashionable. 

Two bedrooms, please. accommodates four guests. 
The tempo? untamed California glitz. 
location advantages? Turn off and savor the stunning high desert of California. 
range of prices? a reasonably priced family or friend trip to the desert.  

The luxury getaway in Joshua Tree

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

5. The opulent retreat in Joshua Tree

The definition of relaxation is this Joshua Tree getaway in the Japanese style. The property, which sits in front of a boulder mountain on 3.6 acres of unfenced land, has a saltwater hot tub and a firepit for the ultimate in stargazing. If you have the money, it’s definitely worth it. Come here to find yourself, get away from the stress and noise of city life, and then return to a different person.

Two bedrooms, please. accommodates four guests. 
The tempo? A serene and modern oasis in the desert. 
location advantages? A picturesque setting for a lone adventure. 
range of prices? Definitely worth the hefty price tag for a blissful weekend. 

The cabin on a lake in Grass Valley

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

6. Grass Valley’s lakeside cabin

Eight secluded acres of forest close to the Tahoe National Forest are home to this award-winning glass house. The house’s glass walls are completely open to the forest and stunning views of Rollins Lake because it is tucked away in the Sierras. Even the house has a canoe trail around a private lake for visitors. You can bring your dog with you and have a great time together because it is pet-friendly. 

Rooms? only one room. sleeping two people.
The tempo? contemporary lakeside retreat. 
location advantages? The Goldrush towns can be reached in just ten minutes if you feel like taking a historical detour.
range of prices? Enjoy a weeklong, luxurious stay for two. 

The house with 360-views in Three Rivers

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

7. Three Rivers’ home with 360-degree views

There is no drywall here to stand between you and nature. This glass cabin offers two acres of land to explore in addition to the views, including a nearby river with a gorgeous fire pit and seating area next to it. You can always have a view with a luxurious outdoor shower but watch out for peeping toms. However, animals are more likely to pass by than nosy neighbors. 

Four bedrooms, please. sleeps ten people. 
The tempo? modern, airy, and cozy. 
location advantages? Just a short distance from the National Park. 
range of prices? A reasonably priced wellness retreat for you and your friends. 

The treehouse on a pond in Willow

Image: Courtesy of Airbnb

8. Willow’s treehouse perched atop a pond

This architectural wonder features all-glass walls that look out onto forests and a swimmable pond. It is a glass treehouse. You are tucked right among the branches in the sleeping loft, which is reached by a ladder. It is incredibly cozy while still having all the amenities you could possibly need. There are numerous places to curl up and read a book while taking in the view, as well as a kitchen. There is also a Swedish hot tub that burns wood. 

Rooms? only one room. sleeping two people. 
The tempo? cozy and futuristic modern. 
location advantages? Located only 15 minutes from Woodstock.
range of prices? a luxurious solo journey or getaway for two. 
Time Out advice: To relax your evening in style, order the wood burning for your hot tub in advance.